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online hackathon

April 17th - 19th

Viral action against the virus

What a hack?!? It hit us when we least expected it. A virus called SARS-CoV-2 brought us into a pandemic and a global lockdown of everything - people, cities, economies. But it showed that change is possible overnight. It pushed people towards self-organization and finding innovative solutions.

Now we have an opportunity to rethink what happens next, what happens after COVID-19 crisis passes. We have a unique opportunity to re-start and re-create our common future, the future we want.


VersusVirus is an online hackathon designed to share and rapidly develop ideas for urgently needed solutions in the face of the current crisis, as well as to build resilience post-pandemic.

In a hackathon, people come together to create solutions and concepts from scratch in a short amount of time.

In order to maintain social distancing, the Hackathon will take place exclusively online. The only condition for participation is a functioning internet access and an email address. You should also understand English.

It all ends up on people, on us. Let’s engage, right here, right now. Join us with your skills to take on the challenge now - no matter what your background is. Together we are strong. Let’s turn this into a viral action against the virus!


Now we have a unique opportunity to re-start and regenerate our economy to be more efficient, less consuming, circular, smart, good for people and nature. The worst thing would be if we all go back to business-as-usual.

We need to become smarter, leaner and better, to create more impact and benefit for all.The mission is to design, test and execute ideas for the future of Croatia and the world.

We are looking for daring and innovative ideas that will help Croatia to show solidarity now and emerge stronger from the current difficult situation. In a 48h online hackathon, we want to develop functional digital or analogue prototypes to counter the virus with tangible solutions.

The aim is to actually implement some projects with the support of some unlikely allies after the hackathon. 


For this to work, the #versusvirus Hackathon needs a strong, diverse community. That means people with very different perspectives and abilities. So you do not need to be a programmer or hacker to participate. 

Do you want to work together with others on a creative solution for a current challenge in the context of the Corona crisis and make a meaningful contribution to society? Are you a motivated citizen, a creative, a problem-solver or a programmer? Do you have internet access and an email address? And understand English? Then register now and get actively involved! 

To support the participants on their way to the ingenious solution against Covid-19, we are looking for volunteer mentors for the online Hackathon with expertise Bussiness strategy, Bussiness innovation, Finances, HR, IT, Legal, Operations, Marketing, Sales

Do you want to support our innitiative? Do you wish to help us cover our costs, or contribute to the concrete implementation or continuation of the developed solutions after the Hackathon? Be it as a multiplier or a data donor... your support is welcome!


Step 1

Register for participation

Please fill out the registration form and you will receive an invitation to join the Slack channel.

Step 2

Share ideas

Join our Slack community to post and discuss ideas, get feedback, find teammates and get inspired.

Step 3

Start Hacking

Your team will be assigned a Slack channel to be assisted via. Log on and hack away! These extremely intense hours may change the world!


Arts & Creativity // Crises pose serious new challenges to creatives as budgets, funding and exposure will be strained for the foreseeable future.

Crisis Response // How do we help medical workers and emergency response personnel and what lessons can we all take forward for the next crisis?

Economy // We are facing a severe economic crisis like no other as traditional methods for stimulating the economy don’t work under lockdown.

Education // Classrooms around the world have suddenly been locked shut and teachers are urgently rethinking how to teach effectively.

Empowerment // How can we come together through this crisis and achieve greater equality and access to opportunities instead?

Environment // Measures to combat coronavirus have helped reduce pollution dramatically. We now need to figure how to continue doing so.

Governance // Technology can transform the public sector although the change has so far lagged far behind that of the private sector

Health & Wellness // Through this crisis and beyond, both people and organisations will be thinking how not to overwhelm our healthcare systems.

Media & Entertainment // The outbreak is rapidly changing the way we consume information and connect with each other.

Mental Health // The circumstances can be mentally challenging as relationships will be under pressure and many will feel lonelier than ever before.

Solidarity in Action // Inspiring acts of solidarity can be leveraged in many ways and those actions can be connected for greater impact.

Work // It’s possible that many of the temporary changes during this period will become the new normal and remain permanently.


Friday - Hackathon day 0

18:00 Registration deadline (M.1.)

19:00 Team formation deadline (M.2.)

19:00 Opening ceremony

20:30 Hackathon starts

Saturday - Hackathon day 1

09:00 Idea submission deadline (M.3.)

09:00 Hackathon day 1 starts

19:00 Hackathon progress update

Sunday - Hackathon day 2

09:00 Hackathon day 2 starts

18:00 Final submission deadline (M.4.)

21:00 Closing ceremony

Corona concerns us all. All citizens of Croatia, all Europeans, all nations. Our hackathon is not the first of its kind and without the exemplary approach of others we would not have been able to set up this hackathon so quickly.

That is why we pay attention to solidarity with other initiatives during the Hackathon. We want to avoid developing duplicate solutions, we have taken as example already developed prototypes and built on them where possible. Similarly, we do not see our work as being limited to a Croatian context. The solutions we develop are for all. 


Focus Croatia: Focus on the specific challenges in the country

No actionism: The solutions must be relevant and concrete for the concerned actors.

Not a PR campaign: Solutions are to be found for the general population. Thus we maintain a neutral branding & include many initiators on board.

More than Tech: All skills are needed, not only technical know-how.

Code of Conduct: We want to provide a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment and a nuisance-free experience for everyone.