Step by step instruction:

This is a step by step instruction manual on how to register and use

HRvsVirus organizing team prepared a short step by step instruction with screenshoots on how to use for submitting your idea. Please be aware that the final deadline for submitting your idea is on Sunday at 18:00 CET

  1. How can I register on Devpost?
  2. How can I create a project on Devpost?
  3. How can I submit my project to Devpost final?

Why do I have to register on is a platform that has been successfully used by other Hackathons to collect solutions. Given the amount of participants and projects in the HRvsVirus Hackathon, we have decided to use that same platform, in order to avoid IT difficulties on our Hackaton.

Please make sure you decide which of your team members is responsible for submitting the solution; this person will need to register for the Hackathon on and can then submit your solution. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out on Slack:  #03-ask-the-organizers

Part 1: How can I register on

PLEASE NOTE: only one person per team has to register on Devpost to submit the solution. There is no need for all team members to create a profile. Just make sure you mention all your teammates’ names and surnames in the submission process.

After visiting HRvsVirus Devpost page, click on the green button labeled: "Register for this Hackaton"

STEP 2: sign-up process

There are several options for sign-up but we suggest you use your email for the sign-up process.

STEP 3: enter your details

Devpost is asking for your login info. Please enter your first and last name, your email and choose a password. Hit "Sign up with email" and you are good to go.

STEP 4: verify your email

In few moments you will receive a verification e-mail on the address which you entered in the step above. Go to your inbox and verify your email. If you don't get the verification email after 15 minutes, please request a new verification email. PLEASE NOTE: check your spam inbox, and also other folders if you have them in your account (like "promotions", "updates")

STEP 5: update your info

After a successful email verification, fill out the form with your details and hit the "Continue" button.

STEP 6: Register for HRvsVirus

The system should redirect you now on the Registration page for the HRvsVirus Hackaton. If this is not the case, just visit the Hackaton page HERE.

After answering few questions, hit the "Register" button.

STEP 7: start hacking 🙂

The first part is done, congrats! Now, let your skills do their job and start working on your great idea.

Part 2: How can I create a project on Devpost

Why do I have to upload my project to Devpost? 

We think it is important to share all the amazing projects that have been developed during this Hackathon. Even if your team is not planning on continuing with your solution, we want to showcase all the good work that has been done. If your team is planning to continue with this project, your submission here will be evaluated by a jury committee. All the results from the HRvsVirus Hackathon have to be uploaded until Sunday at 18:00 CET into Devpost. Please consider that only one team member has to do the submission for the team.

Steps to submit your solution to Devpost

STEP 1: Go to HRvsVirus Devpost page

Open-up the hackaton mainpage on Devpost and hit the green "Get started!" button.

STEP 2: Add a new project

Just Add a new project!

STEP 3: Give your project a name

Try to figure out a uniqe project name and hit the "Save" button

STEP 4: Write down a few more details about your project on Devpost

Mandatory fields are marked with a red*.

What’s your project called?”

Short description of your project (“Here’s the elevator pitch”)

Detailed project description “Here’s the whole story”

You can ignore the titles suggested by the webpage; just enter whatever description you have prepared. Do not worry about ‘It’s built with’ and ‘Invite your team’. You can leave these empty. If you have decided that more than one person of your team edits the project on devpost, you can invite these people with the link provided.

All this information can be changed at a later stage. We recommend you fill these fields with a minimum of information, as this is the information appearing on your project page.

STEP 5: Just few more things

Image gallery: this is where you can upload your images, photos, other documentation including your presentation.

Try it out: share links to dropbox / google drive/ (for your presentation) and demo websites, app stores, GitHub, etc. in case you have developed anything during the 48h.

If you are submitting a presentation, make sure you have saved it first as a JPEG.

In powerpoint: You need to export the presentation as JPEG.

In Google Slides: You need to download the presentation as JPEG with “every slide”.

Video demo: Please insert the link to your video - this, together with the presentation, will be the documents judged by the jury.

When done, click on “Save”.

STEP 6: Complete your submisson

Just add a valid link to a video of your project.

PLEASE NOTE: the link must be a valid YouTube, Facebook Video, Vimeo or Youku URL

Hit the "Complete submission" button and that's it!

You completed your submission

Have in mind that you can edit your submission, but take care about the deadline which is on Sunday at 18:00 CET. Good Luck!